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BTC $10.045,99 -0.52% ETH $185,63 -2.1% EOS $3,51 -4.09% XLM $0,07167 6.03% NEO $9,54 -5.0% WAVES $1,26 -2.82%
Total Supply:
Plattform :ERC20

Deconet (DCO)

Deconet offers investors the ability to co-fund projects, and co-license rights the digital outputs of those projects. Many such investors are also entrepreneurs, who develop products to reap licensing income from them. The Deconet platform makes licensing digital assets quick and easy, reducing the risk and time cost associated with this form of KBC.

Currently we have 1 Airdrops of Deconet listed.

Airdropname Status Bounty Tasks Created on
DeconetCLOSED7500000 DCO