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BTC $3.961,19 -1.72% ETH $135,11 -1.57% EOS $3,66 -0.35% XLM $0,10189 -3.39% NEO $8,95 -2.1% WAVES $2,72 -1.27%
TerraGreen founders and team members have been involved in renewable energy industry for more than 2 decades, during which time there was remarkable increase in demand for cleaner and safer life and the demand was growing exponentially. Their prime goal is to develop an energy saving cryptocurrency that focuses primarily on a sustainable economic system. The purpose of TerraGreen is to facilitate the so-called Energy Transition and move the next generation towards renewable sources for more efficient use.
Plattform :ERC20
ICO Preis:0.1 USD

Wert $5,00 Plattform 50 TGN Referral 30 TGN Auszahlung 2019-05-10 Beleg 75%


TerraGreen verschenkt 50 TGN tokens (~$5,00) an die Teilnehmer, indem es diese einfachen Aufgaben löst:

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