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BTC $9.933,15 -5.37% ETH $185,03 -3.74% EOS $3,48 -4.45% XLM $0,06695 -3.27% NEO $9,40 -3.09% WAVES $1,19 -2.53%
Powered by Blockchain Technology, Machine Learning, and our community’s Swarm Intelligence, our team of fintech experts and engineers are creating a holistic crypto wealth management ecosystem accessible to everyone.
Plattform :OTHER
CMC Rank:#357

Total Supply:

Market Cap:$5.347.022
24h Volume:$25.834

-3.52% (24h) ● 32.31% (7d)

Wert $16,20 Token 1750 CHSB Beleg 100% REAL!


Swissborg airdrop is totally worth up to $ 500.000, paid in Bitcoin. You can earn a bigger part of the airdrop by predicting, completing challenges and referring friends. As more users will join as higher the price pool will be.

Airdrop Anleitung

  1. Download the Swissborg App on iOS or Android.
  2. Register and verify your phone number.
  3. Use the following Referall Code: "T5VP5AI"(+3.000 points if you use referall code)
  4. There are 2 ways to get a higher rank:
    1. Play & predict: earn a share of the price pool by predictions on the Bitcoin price
      Refer Friends to get more point (3.000 points per friend)
    2. Challenges: Complete challenges and get up to 50 CHSB Tokens for every level up (up to 1.750 CHSB)
      Collect all level 3 badges and get 1000 CHSB and join the Hall of Fame.
      Detailled Information about the Badges
  5.  List of supported countries for this airdrop.
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