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BTC $7.980,33 8.79% ETH $256,60 8.14% EOS $6,33 6.63% XLM $0,13897 6.42% NEO $11,57 5.64% WAVES $2,47 3.11%
The idea for PrepayWay was born in Switzerland, where computer science, banking, international business, and legal professionals came together to revolutionize business processes. Coming from a plethora of professional backgrounds, our diversely experienced team is dedicated to creating an ecosystem that facilitates secure, swift, transparent commercial transactions, all while reducing transaction costs.
Plattform :ERC20
ICO Preis:0.01 USD

× PrepayWay Airdrop is closed for now!
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Wert $16,11 Token 1611 InBit Referral 100 InBit Beleg 100% REAL!


PrepayWay verschenkt 1611 InBit tokens (~$16,11) an die Teilnehmer, indem es diese einfachen Aufgaben löst:

Airdrop Anleitung

  1. Register on PrepayWay's Website (+1)
  2. Bestätigen Sie Ihre E-Mail. (+10)
  3. Folge PrepayWay's Twitter Seite (+200)
  4. Folge PrepayWay's Linkedin Seite (+200)
  5. Folge PrepayWay's Facebook Konto (+200)
  6. Trete PrepayWay's Telegram Kanal bei (+100)
  7. Trete PrepayWay's Telegram Ankündigungskanal bei (+100)
  8. Answer 4 questions on their plattform (+200 for each question)
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    19 May, 2019, 19:36

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