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In January 2020, an interesting situation developed in the world of the oil market from their point of view. The essence of this situation was that the oil price dropped to negative values. In this regard, it was decided to purchase a significant amount of oil from the brand BRENT and WTI, which was done. They spent our personal funds and funds obtained from the purchase of oil on transportation to ports and on paying for loading and storing oil directly in the holds of tankers. Their decision was correct. It was decided not to sell oil right away, but to hold it until prices recover. They sold part of the oil to pay for storage services on tankers, but they decided to keep the bulk of it for a long time.

Today, they invite anyone to become our partner, make money on the sale of oil by investing even small funds, and making a decent profit from investments in oil storage on tankers chartered by them. You can purchase an investment storage package for different amounts of oil, for a period of 2 months or more. For the convenience of work and to reduce overhead costs, they use a cryptocurrency form of calculation and payment. You buy the package you are interested in, for the period that suits you best, and pay for it from your personal account. They record this payment in the system and every day you can receive dividends from the invested amount.