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BTC $8.331,36 -0.16% ETH $184,61 0.36% EOS $3,12 -1.04% NEO $7,51 1.74%
CCUniverse is a project that aims to connect three phases related to the infrastructure they will create. The whole will create their UVU Coin cryptocurrency. Their activities will involve the creation of ATM in the local spaces, electric car rental, and innovative real estate. The whole project is closely related to the most important one: the economics of the token.
Plattform :other
ICO Preis:0.12 USD
× CCUniverse Airdrop is closed for now!
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Wert $10 Token 83,33 UVU Referral 25,00 UVU Beleg 75%


CCUniverse verschenkt 83,33 UVU tokens (~$10) an die Teilnehmer, indem es diese einfachen Aufgaben löst:

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    15 Oct, 2019, 12:36

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