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Bitdollar Fund represents a new fund model, Incentivized Network Asset Management, where investors are incentivized with a secondary token to make contributions to the community for its collective betterment. Registered investors that lock their primary tokens, Bitdollar, can make community contributions such as creating content, rating content, referring investors, and voting in order to earn the secondary token of Bitdollar Fund, Crypto Pro or CPRO. Since the community contributions necessary to earn CPRO directly impact the fees generated by the fund, registered investors can also lock their earned CPRO to stake part of fund’s monthly management fees and annual performance fees, which will be paid in Ether. The primary benefits of Incentivized Network Asset Management that directly impact returns are more diverse perspectives, lower bias, and lower fees compared to traditional asset management. Additionally, its incentivized community contribution structure ensures that the best fundamental investment ideas rise to the top so that sound allocation decisions can be made during elections.

Furthermore, Bitdollar Fund is a smart early ICO investment for those that are more risk-averse. Since this ICO has underlying cryptocurrency assets involved (unlike the vast majority of ICOs out there), it is ideal for someone wanting to get in early on an innovative cryptocurrency fund concept, while taking substantially less risk compared to traditional ICOs without underlying assets involved.