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BTC $10.411,04 2.77% ETH $194,96 1.46% EOS $3,70 1.45% XLM $0,06892 2.02% NEO $9,95 2.21% WAVES $1,34 3.53%
Plattform :ERC20
ICO Preis:0.038

Bitcademy (BTMG)

Bitcademy is multidimensional. They combine brick and mortar foundation and virtual world. They try helping football academies and empowering young players to achieve their dreams. They create and use new technologies, artificial intelligence and player predictions to make sure they have the best talent. Finally, they use marketplace powered by the blockchain to ensure fans participate in the game and create their future stars.

Currently we have 1 Airdrops of Bitcademy listed.

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