The Data Ownership Protocol platform offers a novel approach to managing the visibility of on-chain data, giving users the power to choose what information they disclose. This includes the ability to reveal specific account details and transaction histories selectively while keeping other aspects confidential.

For instance, an individual might display their NFT collection to boost their brand, yet opt to keep their financial balances and transaction trends private. Alternatively, transaction information might be shared with designated entities, but withheld from public view.

This system fosters an environment where users can maintain their financial privacy, potentially increasing blockchain adoption among privacy-conscious individuals. Concurrently, the platform incorporates mechanisms to identify and restrict illicit activities, ensuring ethical compliance and responsibility.

Developed atop the Ethereum infrastructure, this platform revolutionizes the concept of selective transparency. It grants users the autonomy to manage the visibility of their data according to their preferences. Furthermore, the platform enhances the interaction with decentralized applications on the Ethereum network, providing a seamless and secure user experience.

Airdrops by Data Ownership Protocol