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BTC $3.940,39 5.15% ETH $149,01 8.12% EOS $3,64 23.71% XLM $0,08583 6.4% NEO $8,98 6.26% WAVES $2,82 6.4%

Datafund is a protocol that guards personal data, provides safe storage and enables ethical data exchange. Individuals create their own datafund to reclaim, own and manage their data.

Datafund is creating a decentralized infrastructure layer and protocol for fully legally compliant personal data management. Etherisc insurers will have their own Datafund to hold their personal data which will interact with Etherisc platform. Insurence providers will not store your data instead they will get make a request on a need-to-know basis from your personal Datafund.

Total Supply:1.800.000.000
ICO Price:0.01 USD

Value $12,50 Token 1250 DEX Proof 75%


Datafund is airdropping up to 1250 PAC tokens. 

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