The back story:
In the year 2028, after much turmoil and strife humanity finally attained world unity. After an unprecedented age of global rebellion, humanity managed to look past the scars of the past and move on to greater things. By the year 2032, humans completed their first space station. It was a huge achievement from every nation on earth that finally realized what could be achieved when everyone worked together in the pursuit of bettering the species. By the year 2036 humanity was now moving beyond the planet earth and sailing the stars.

Stewards of exploration, humanity soon began to come into contact with several species of life. They learned and traded knowledge and grew even more with the knowledge they had gained from many varied other alien species.

As the humans ventured further to the outer reaches of space it soon became apparent that they needed to colonize more planets so live and exist beyond the constraints of Earth.

They soon found out that they were not the only species trying to populate new home worlds and found themselves in conflict with other races.

The 2 main species they found themselves battling against were some sort of advanced creatures called Kulze and, a race of mechanoids, an advanced artificial intelligence which called themselves the Goq'uk... other races the humans encountered are the Jujari, the Order of the Luma, and The Dread.

Airdrops by Dark Galaxies