Project Features:
- High-Quality Materials
They have made sure that accessories for the CyberPigs (or so-called traits), such as weapons, hats, shoes, tops, shields, etc., are high-quality and high-resolution so you can enjoy them in every form. Don’t forget, they will not only make your CyberPigs look better, but will also make them stronger!
- Community Token
They have introduced royalties that enable you to earn profits from your CyberPigs even after it has been sold. 10% of all CyberPig secondary sales, breeding, or battle fees, will go into a community pool, which will pay out to NFT holders once a quarter.
- Breeding Feature
Similar to breeding actual pigs, you can breed your CyberPigs as well! Two NFT CyberPigs create the third NFT. The player selects 2 NFT CyberPigs (male and female) for breeding, which provides a third CyberPigs that gets the stats from both breeders. This means that if you breed two rare CyberPigs, the third one will be rare as well! However, breeding isn’t that easy as only 20% of CyberPigs will be female.
- Staking Feature
CyberPigs are tokens, and like other tokens, you can stake your Crypto Pigs into a community pool, which will pay out to NFT holders once a quarter. The more rare your NFT is, the bigger the payout.
- NFT Game Platform
As you may have noticed, CyberPigs are fighting for power! Every CyberPigs has different attributes and special abilities. Use your CyberPigs to fight real opponents, win a prize based on your bet, improve your pig’s stats and increase your NFT’s value!
- Material Marketplace
Craft your own materials for your CyberPigs to gain additional strengths and powers. Have some materials you don’t need? Buy or sell them right in our marketplace!

Airdrops by CyberPigs