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The CryptoWarZ airdrop is unfortunately over.
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CryptoWarZ has been in stealth development for over a year creating a unique staking method combined with token consumption models that will allow for constant token generation, liquidity creation, and accelerated, yet sustainable, the token value increases over time.

CryptoWarZ is offering an incentivized program to test its contracts and website prior to its launch. Testing will be done on the Binance Smart Chain Test Network. Testers can submit task completions. Tokens will be allocated for each completion after the main net launch.

The team is allocating 500.000 WarZ to the incentivized testing & referral program, which is about $50.000 in current USD value.
Invite your friends to earn 50 WarZ tokens per referral.

500.000 WarZAllocated Token
YesReferral System
OWN Blockchain

Step by step guide

Register for the CryptoWarZ Beta program.
Submission is capped to the first 1000 qualifying registrants.
Phase 1: Core Features & Community Development
Phase 2: Security and Optimizations
Each phase will run for 2-3 weeks. The timeline may adjust as feedback from the community is received.
Your ID will be your BNB address. Submit all your tasks with the same address. Rewards will be allocated to the participating address.
More information can be found here.
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