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BTC $7.629,68 -4.93% ETH $160,97 -8.26% EOS $2,82 -8.85% NEO $10,91 -4.91%

Crypto currencies are ready for the main stream. We provide an easy and affordable way to bring free CryptoCashCow Token to everyone.
“Make Token available for each and every user in the world.”
The term “CryptoCashCow” reflects the current situation of Crypto in the world. Crypto is a CashCow. But not everyone has the financial possibilities to invest money in the market of Crypto. So CryptoCashCow provides a platform to get such token for free. Our goal is to allow everyone to trade CryptoCashCow token, therefore we will distribute token amongst all registered customers.

Total Supply:
Circ. Supply:

ICO Price:0.000020 USD
× CryptoCashCow has been distributed.
This airdrop has been distributed. If you face any issues, please get in contact with the project team.

Value $0,03 Token 1366 CCC Payout 2018-12-21 Proof 100% REAL!



Step-by-Step Guide

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  4. Register on their Website
  5. Buy one of this cow’s with this voucher: AIRDROP
    1. CryptoCashCow
    2. SCAMi Cow
    3. China Cow
  6. Within your Cow you will earn now additional Tokens (1366 Tokens)
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    22 Nov, 2019, 06:23

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