Cross The Ages is more than a gaming application for collectible cards; it is a comprehensive dystopian Universe where fantasy and science fiction meet, creating a unique experience for players to build bridges between multiple worlds.

Their vision is to marry the virtual world with the physical world by allowing players to not only hold digital and NFT assets but to be able to bring them to life and into the physical world.

The physical world draws upon nostalgia reminding them of their first collectible cards. The virtual world is where technology lives and our virtual space on the internet is where we live our digitized lives.

Cross The Ages is based on seven novels that will be published over the next seven years. The first book is already published and its corresponding digital cards collection explores the world of high-tech machines as well as the world of wild creatures and monsters. The collection includes 365 collectible cards per year with various levels of scarcity, from 75 digital artists from across the globe.

Airdrops by Cross The Ages