Cortex (CTXC)

Cortex's main mission is to provide the state-of-the-art machine-learning models on the blockchain in which users can infer using smart contracts on the Cortex blockchain. One of Cortex's goals also includes implementing a machine-learning platform that allows users to post tasks on the platform, submit AI DApps (Artificial Intelligence Decentralized Applications).

  • PlatformERC20
  • CMC Rank#197
  • Total Supply299.792.458
  • Circ. Supply149.792.458
  • Market Cap$10.566.820
  • 24h Volume $2.278.905
-5.1% (24h)
-16.64% (7d)
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This Bounty Programm of Cortex will last for a longer period.  With the current price the Bounty Programm is daily worth ~1400 $. 
They are giving away the following three rewards on a daily basis:

TBA Value
? CTXC Token
- Referral
100% REAL! Proof

Step by step guide

500 CTXC - For Social Media Tasks
200 CTXC - For the Influence/Referall System 
100 CTXC - Interest Rewards - This is a Reward based on your Token holdings.

Currently there isn't any comment for this airdrop available.