Cocoricos (EGG)
  • BlockchainEthereum
  • Total Supply4.039.065.000
  • Circ. SupplyN/A
EGG Price
0.02 USD
0.00000056 BTC
The Cocoricos airdrop is unfortunately over.
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  • Closed

Cocoricos mission is to foster the development of a global Security Token Offerings Ecosystem & Infrastructure that provide full transparency and a stable return of investment.

Cocoricos airdrops 315 EGG token (~$6,30) to their airdrop participants for the following simple tasks. They also offer a referral program where you can earn additional EGG.

315 EGGToken
10 EGGReferral
Ethereum Blockchain

Step by step guide

Verfiy your email.
Open Cocoricos Airdrop Page and click on "Earn $6.3 now"
Subscribe to the Cocoricos's YouTube Channel (make sure you´ve activated notifications) (+40)
Join Cocoricos's Telegram Group and post a message. (+40)
Like Cocoricos's Medium Page and clap to 3 articles (+40)
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Denis PopovićDenis Popović Not paying anything.. I did few bountyes on cocoricos and none have sent tokens..
28 Jun, 2020, 16:41
M3Br0wnM3Br0wn [Admin]

We just participated in the Cocoricos (EGG) airdrop itself. EGG token have been distributed to our dashboard. Are you sure you completed all steps correctly? If yes, please contact their admins in the official Telegram group.

SkyrushSkyrush Promising project with a serious team, let's see how it evolves
28 Oct, 2019, 22:09