• BlockchainEthereum
  • CMC Rank#3155
  • Total Supply625.357.000
  • Circ. Supply484.674.000
  • Market Cap$530.883
  • 24h Volume $194.894
CLH Price
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ClearDAO exhibits the following core features:

- Open Derivative SDK
Highly adaptable SDK allows developers to create new derivatives. The SDK is the core product of the project. The ClearDAO team will keep adding support for more underlying asset classes and derivative templates to the SDK to expand its composability and expandability.

- Community-Driven Market
The ClearDAO is designed specifically to invite community members to launch multiple trading platforms and build the ecosystem together. With different front-end interface implementations and the inclusion of additional elements such as gamification, the ClearDAO community as a whole will lead the next wave of DeFi that is the derivatives space.

- Risk Management Library
Quantitative tools that implement a two-tier reserve pool system to provide dynamic risk management for derivative instruments. This new module provides trading platforms with enhanced stability while minimizing the resources required.

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