With Blockchain revolutionizing business models worldwide, businesses' rewards and customer engagement functions are making underwhelming progress, if at all. These programs follow the archaic and decades-old practices that have led them to become ineffective means of generating customer loyalty. In support, research shows that 54% of loyalty members are inactive, further pointing toward the ineffectiveness of reward programs in retaining customers.

Clanity aims to address this problem with its plan to build a self-sustaining community worldwide by connecting businesses with their customers through our blockchain rewards and engagement program.

Clanity will have a Cardano native utility token with a worldwide use case and a high potential for world adoption. This token will be used to reward customers for performing transactions with their business partners. Furthermore, business partners shall also use this token to create community engagement opportunities for the public and reward the public for engaging with the brand. In this way, Clanity shall utilize the latest advances in cryptography and distributed ledger technology to support local businesses and low-funded schools by creating rewarding and attractive loyalty/reward programs and community-business engagement opportunities.

Airdrops by Clanity