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Running on a system that functions on both off-chain and Blockchain, CEZO is meant to be a model that compensates for the slow computation and transmission of data via the traditional Blockchain throughput. It does so by providing a two-layer processing solution where simultaneous data processing such as those involving smart contracts are done via Blockchain nodes and nodes via CEZO.

In doing so, the dApp addresses the number of the perceived drawback of Blockchain services that prevent wider adoption of the technology in most sectors. This will also aid in the creation of new dApp services that are geared specifically towards providing additional computation speeds to both other existing dApps in the market and those that will spring up in the inevitable expansion of the technology’s adoption.

It does this by making use of nodes specifically used by the CEZO based on the Linux system. The additional node, which is not attached directly to the main block allows for much faster off-chain calculations. The setup allows for more flexible solutions to many of Blockchain’s biggest issues and offers more dynamic environments to launch and operate projects of varying sizes and scales.