• BlockchainEthereum
  • Coingecko Rank#649
  • Total Supply1.20 billion
  • Circ. Supply879.15 million
  • Market Cap$54.497.629
  • 24h Volume $2.672.050
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The CAKEDEFI Pizza Day airdrop is over and was distributed to the valid participants.
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CAKEDEFI Pizza Day Promo

  Token listed on Coingecko
  • Paid out
  • Payout 2022-05-25

CAKEDEFI is a platform that empowers you to control your finances by creating cash flow and harnessing the potential of decentralized finance.

Pizza is love. Pizza is life.
That’s what Laszlo Hanyecz must have thought when he bought two pizzas on the 22nd of May 2010 for 10.000 BTC – that’s a whopping $430 million today – and made Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency real. 
To celebrate this legendary trade, CAKEDEFI is giving away 365 days of free pizza (worth $5.500 in BTC) to the person who makes the closest guess of the Bitcoin price on Bitcoin Pizza Day!

0.08 BTCAllocated Token

Step by step guide

Register on CAKEDEFI's Website
If you're a new user, check out the DeFiChain x Cakedefi Promo
Read our blog article "CAKEDEFI – put your cryptocurrencies to work" to get a first impression.
Fully verify your account before the 22nd of May 2022
Visit the Pizza Day Promo site and make your prediction.
Share the promotion with your friends – if they win, you get $1.000 as a referral reward! A referral only counts if they have registered their CAKEDEFI account using your referral code during the time of this promotion, between the 5th of May 2022 and the 20th of May 2022.
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