• BlockchainEthereum
  • Coingecko Rank#654
  • Total Supply1.20 billion
  • Circ. Supply872.72 million
  • Market Cap$58.667.662
  • 24h Volume $2.672.020
DFI Price
The CAKEDEFI airdrop is over and was distributed to the valid participants.
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CAKEDEFI is a platform that empowers you to control your finances by creating cash flow and harnessing the potential of decentralized finance.

Cakedefi airdrops $30 in DFI to each user who deposit $50 to their platform. Besides that, for every successful referred user, you will receive $10 in DFI. 

446 DFIToken
148 DFIReferral


Easter Egg Hunt Promo12 Apr, 2022
CAKEDEFI (DFI) - Oktoberfest16 Sep, 2021
OLYMPIC BAKE-OFF Rewards23 Jul, 2021

Step by step guide

Register on CAKEDEFI's Website
Read our blog article "CAKEDEFI – put your cryptocurrencies to work" to get a first impression.
Fully verify your account.
Make your first deposit of $50 and you will receive a bonus of $30 worth of DFI.
This bonus will be locked up for 180 days in the Confectionery program and automatically yields staking returns during this time.



Easter Egg Hunt Promo12 Apr, 2022
CAKEDEFI (DFI) - Oktoberfest16 Sep, 2021
OLYMPIC BAKE-OFF Rewards23 Jul, 2021
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NuruyeNuruye <p>Good project!</p>
13 Jun, 2022, 16:25
Bishop kingsley Bishop kingsley <p>I want to be getting the airdrops because I haven't gotten any before.</p>
02 Apr, 2022, 09:14
KhalilmirzaKhalilmirza i have deposited 31$ , i did not get any bouns worth of $25 . please assist
08 Dec, 2021, 19:40
FrostyzFrostyz [Admin]Unfortunately they changed the requisitions, apparently you have to deposit $50 for it again.... We have updated the information and apologize for the misunderstanding.
aaeb1985aaeb1985 my country is iran but i cant join any of them and its not in the lists
06 Dec, 2021, 15:56
M3Br0wnM3Br0wn [Admin]Hi,
please check the FAQ related to supported countries. Iran is currently excluded from Cake DeFi services.
asif2216asif2216 India not in the list
23 Sep, 2021, 03:03
Lamis4realLamis4real Can I withdraw back my $50 instantly after getting the $30?
13 Sep, 2021, 11:37
FrostyzFrostyz [Admin]Yes, you can. But you have a quite high withdrawal fee for some cryptocurrencies. Please check it upfront!
ShababShabab Good airdrop
30 Jul, 2021, 05:33
@souravxd@souravxd Can i withdraw my 50$ instant without doing kyc
13 Jul, 2021, 14:51
FrostyzFrostyz [Admin]No.
hoangvuthach011hoangvuthach011 no registration in vietnam
06 Jul, 2021, 13:43
RichieRichie [Admin]I'm afraid you are right. Here is a list of countries which are not allowed to participate at the moment.
Mdhdi3022 Mdhdi3022 Nice project, good
09 Jun, 2021, 15:33
Mdhdi3022 Mdhdi3022 Good, thanks
09 Jun, 2021, 15:30
WimcoWimco Nice project
09 May, 2021, 09:04
Nguyen Thi Huyen Trang
Nguyen Thi Huyen Trang Good
17 Jan, 2021, 18:20