Burning Horse (BRHS)
  • BlockchainBSC
  • Total Supply300.00 million
  • Circ. SupplyN/A
BRHS Price
0.000016 USD
The Burning Horse airdrop is over and was distributed to the valid participants.
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Burning Horse Airdrop

  • Paid out
  • Payout 2023-03-01

Burning Horse is a decentralized web3 application (dApp) built on Binance Smart Chain. BRHS is a utility token that will allow you to buy some NFTs in their NFT store, and participate in profitable staking as well as in the Burning Horse Lottery.

Burning Horse is airdropping 2.000 BRHS tokens to participants for completing listed tasks.
Earn an additional 50 BRHS tokens for each referral.

2.000 BRHSToken
50 BRHSReferral

Step by step guide

Visit Burning Horse's Airdrop Page and connect your wallet
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Follow Burning Horse's X Page and retweet the pinned tweet
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Submit your details to the airdrop page
You can also get free NFT in our NFT Store
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Yusuf zakari Yusuf zakari Good project
24 Oct, 2022, 20:08
Nagungoshi Nagungoshi Good project
20 Oct, 2022, 04:52
MedArdrop MedArdrop how can i do Submit your details to the airdrop page
27 Dec, 2022, 17:54
M3Br0wnM3Br0wn [Admin]The form at the bottom of the airdrop page must be filled out and submitted.
asimhamdaniasimhamdani nice project
24 Dec, 2022, 22:00