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BTC $7.599,25 0.33% ETH $150,19 0.57% EOS $2,75 0.07% NEO $9,07 -1.54%

BrikBit is the first blockchain-based ecosystem that develops and manages entire operations for the Real Estate industry. Within the BrikBit ecosystem all shareholders involved in the Real Estate projects will be able to use the potentiality of blockchain technology to automate, disintermediate and make more transparent both typical and implicit processes during all steps of a Real Estate enterprise such as fund collection, design, creation and management. Each Real Estate project will be able to create its own blockchain (as a BrikBit sidechain) with its own rules and features, according to the country and legislation of the project itself.

Total Supply:100.000.000
ICO Price:0.3 USD
× BrikBit Airdrop is closed for now!
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Value $13,50 Token 45 BRIK Payout 2019-01-02 Proof 75%

EASY Limited to 10.000 User

BrikBit is airdropping 45 BRIK tokens to the first 10000 participants for solving these tasks:

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    08 Dec, 2019, 14:40

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