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Bluelight is a strategic economic game where players create startups in diverse universes. This game employs a play-to-earn structure, rewarding dedicated players as they advance. Bluelight seamlessly integrates enjoyable gameplay with the potential for profit, eliminating the need for initial investments or paid-in-game items for an enjoyable experience. The ultimate objective for players is to cultivate the most influential startup, symbolized by a unicorn.

Bluelight stands on solid ground. The creative team behind it previously launched the critically acclaimed web3 browser, Aloha, boasting millions of users globally. Their development collaborator, Dragons Lake, has a history of working on prominent AAA games for giants like Epic, Sony, and Nintendo. The game's narrative is inspired by the "Take My Muffin" animation series by Toonbox, with Bluelight set to feature prominently in numerous episodes.

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