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BillionAir Promo

  • Paid out
  • Payout 2024-04-01

BillionAir is a platform that combines raffles and gaming using NFT-based tickets. It utilizes a token-based economy for betting and winning in games of chance and skill.

What sets it apart is its credibility and transparency in offering crypto raffles, where players can win mainstream tokens, as well as physical items like cars and electronics. Additionally, players have the opportunity to earn AIRB tokens and tickets by participating in community games and staking, with a minimal initial investment.

BillionAir is giving away a total of $100.000 worth of AIRB tokens during their airdrop promo.

Climb the leaderboard to be 1 of 10.000 lucky winners who will share $100.000 worth of AIRB tokens.
Tier 1 (1-1.000): 900k AIRB tokens shared
Tier 2 (1.001-5.000): 800k AIRB tokens shared
Tier 3 (5.001-10.000): 800k AIRB tokens shared

- AIRBAllocated Token


12 May, 2023

Step by step guide

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Follow BillionAir's X Page and retweet this tweet
Join BillionAir's Telegram Group
Verify your completed tasks via Gleam
Visit your referral page and invite your friends



12 May, 2023
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