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The social significance of the BeforeCoinMarketCap project is that every participant in the cryptocurrency world can save their time and receive maximum income for their work or contribution made to the development of any projects that are related to cryptocurrency. Moreover, by doing so, they positively affect the entire assessment of the crypto industry.

The direction that we carry out has no competitors. The only similar project that exists now is CoinMarketCap and its various replicas, but they are not our competitors. They perform the task of tracking tokens that have a large trading volume. However, crypto enthusiasts and crypto investors already know these tokens because most of them are already traded on the exchange, and all Airdrop, Bounty, and ICO projects have long been completed. They, on the other hand also provide information about zero trading values, listing, start trading, and trading. The advantage of their platform is that they work individually with each user. BeforeCoinMarketCap runs your tokens daily and you will always be aware of all important events happening with your tokens.

Airdrops by BeforeCoinMarketCap