Banger is a unified hub for all gamers. Banger is a gaming platform and community powered by blockchain that provides users with an array of earning possibilities in multiple games through one global gaming currency.

Banger integrates all gaming industry players (gamers, publishers, content creators, brands, etc.) under one ecosystem: For users - Banger acts as a gamified second-layer platform, providing a set of non-invasive features that allow gamers to earn rewards while enjoying a customized gaming experience. The banger platform offers solutions for gamers to play and earn on their own, through competition in tournaments, and via community interaction.

These rewards are redeemable outside of the platform, with real-world value. For publishers and developers - Banger provides an extensive array of tools to integrate games into the platform, generating both in-game and in-platform rewards, objectives, and competitions. Publishers and studios of all sizes (AAA, AA, indie, and crypto) benefit from integrating into a safe, gamified crypto-monetization environment. This unified platform increases audience reach and engagement, helping foster healthier communities of users and fans.

Airdrops by Banger Games