• BlockchainBSC
  • CMC Rank#3196
  • Total Supply599.995.000
  • Circ. Supply127.122.000
  • Market Cap$465.386
  • 24h Volume $67
TXL Price
$ -0,0001

The Autobahn Network is an Layer2 Rollup created to support and scale the BNB Smart Chain (BSC; formerly known as Binance Smart Chain) network. Using Go Ethereum, the Autobahn was designed as a rollup to batch process transactions to reduce usage and cost on the BNB Smart Chain base layer. For the first time after launch, the Autobahn will run as its own network with 21 nodes (potentially less in the early days after launch) based on a Proof of Authority Consensus. It will step-by-step migrate to a zero knowledge-powered solution (potentially based on ZkBNB).

The Autobahn is designed with developers and the community in mind with the goal of sustaining a seamless user experience in the BNB ecosystem. Marketing for the Autobahn Network will focus on the NFT community. The Autobahn Network uses its own gas token TXL.

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