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BTC $8.813,91 0.7% ETH $188,98 1.89% EOS $3,47 -0.26% NEO $12,91 5.0%
Atlantis Blue shows yet another real-world application of cryptocurrency, securing Larimar, a semi-precious gem.
This stone is found only within a particular dead volcano on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, alongside the Dominican Republic. Larimar is also known as the Blue Stone of Atlantis, hence the name for the platform.
The Atlantis Blue Project exists on the Stellar Network, which is already well established and has a strong reputation in the crypto community.
The new currency will be Atlantic Blue Digital Tokens, and it will dramatically improve the entire process of mining and selling Larimar.
Total Supply:400.000.000
× Atlantis Blue Digital Tokens Airdrop is closed for now!
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Token 25 ABDT Referral 10 ABDT Payout 2019-01-13 Proof 100% REAL!


Atlantis Blue Digital Tokens is airdropping 25 ABDT tokens.

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    13 Nov, 2019, 19:30

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