Archimedes is an experimental lending and borrowing platform. We build it on top of AMMs such as Curve. They enable:
(1) Lenders (Liquidity Providers) to earn sustainable higher APYs
(2) Borrowers (Leverage Takers) to earn up to 10x yield of what yield-bearing stablecoins such as OUSD offer.

Liquidity Providers provide assets to Archimedes 3CRV/lvUSD pools and receive interest. The protocol pays interest on different assets, such as ARCH tokens and stablecoins. Most Curve pools depend on temporary bribes and uncertain gauge allocations for APY. But, Archimedes ARCH rewards have innate utility and a fixed supply.

Leverage Takers borrow from these pools to create leveraged positions on appreciating meta-vaults (like OUSD). Archimedes wraps each leveraged position with an NFT. Users can trade these NFTs without the need to unwind the position.

Archimedes is an innovative leader in the lending/leverage crypto landscape.