This collection comes with 10+ traits with different powers to help in-game play and also improve the rarity of collections. Holders also yield $ABUZ token. ApeAbu NFT is Interestingly chapter 1 of 3 Chapters of the Abuverse Princes hunt game.

Each chapter significantly involves the participation collections and aims to build a full-scale Metaverse P2E Adventure gaming experience. ABUZ is the network currency of Abuverse with smartly designed tokenomics and distribution to build a high-yielding token economy.

ApeAbu NFTs will be distributed on direct mint presale and the holder will also earn free ABUZ. This is also Chapter 1 to achieve the Abuverse. Chapter 2 will be followed by the distribution of ABUZ and Chapter 3 will be the Abuverse Game live for public use and privileged use cased for ApeAbu NFT holders.