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BTC $7.583,71 0.27% ETH $151,75 1.97% EOS $2,77 0.85% NEO $9,11 0.2%
The mission of AMOS is to enable everyone to protect themselves from disease through exercise. Nowadays, lack of exercise has become the commonest problem and sitting long has been normal, which result in lots of diseases of civilization. AMOS integrates hardware, builds up AI and blockchain based on the data collected by its app and puts forward a complete sport ecosystem, effectively helping people set continuous exercise as a goal. Moreover, it provides total health solution and let those who keep exercising gain adequate reward and a sense of achievement.
Total Supply:
ICO Price:0.00005 ETH
× Amos has been distributed.
This airdrop has been distributed. If you face any issues, please get in contact with the project team.

Value $3,78 Token 500 AMOS Payout 2019-04-04 Proof 75%


Amos airdrops 500 AMOS tokens (~$3,78) to their airdrop participants for the following simple tasks.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Open Amos's Airdrop Form
  2. Join Amos's Telegram Group
  3. Follow Amos's Twitter Page and retweet pinned tweet
  4. Like Amos's Facebook Account and share pinned post
  5. Like Amos's Instagram Account
  6. Submit your details in the airdrop form.
  7. Join AirdropBob's Telegram Group & Twitter Channel (optional)
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    08 Dec, 2019, 20:07

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