AlienSwap Airdrop

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AlienSwap is an innovative NFT marketplace and aggregator operating on Ethereum. It aims to introduce community e-commerce gameplay to the NFT world and attract millions of new users to the NFT ecosystem.

The team behind AlienSwap includes experts from top crypto and internet companies like Binance, OKX, Huobi, among others. Their unique approach to NFT trading is revolutionizing the industry.

The Loyalty Rewards Airdrop program by AlienSwap is now available, and you can begin accumulating Power Stones to participate.

These precious stones serve as an indicator of your dedication to the NFT community. The higher your Power Stones collection, the more weightage you'll have in receiving ALIEN Airdrop. Start earning today!

- ALIENToken
- Referral

Step by step guide

Visit the AlienSwap website and connect your ETH wallet
We recommend using Metamask
Participate in different challenges to earn Power Stone rewards for each period
Trade NFTs to increase your loyalty score and earn more Power Stones.
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