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miBoodle is a membership platform that enables all consumers to earn a monthly income utilizing sustainable proven digital media methods, including;

All members can become a micro-publisher, building 10 personalized news website based on content that interests you.

All members can become a Social-Influencer by delivering the targeted social media campaigns across your social networks.  miBoodle tracks the performance of these campaigns and allocates the revenue back to you which can you view in your dashboard.

All members can become a Micro-Affiliate.  Our affiliate program is a Referal based program where miBoodle will pay you for all new members you generate through the miBoodle platform.

Token Type:ERC20

Total Supply:600.000.000
Circulating Supply:Not available

Price per Token:1 ETH / 7190 MIBO
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miBoodle is airdropping 3 MIBO tokens to participants:

  1. Join Telegram group
  2. Join Telegram channel
  3. Follow on Twitter
  4. Submit your details to this form (EMail, ETH address, usernames)
Airdrop Information
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Is the Airdrop real?100% REAL!
User capped?20.000
Value in $Not available
Amount of Token3 MIBO
Distribution DateNot available
Created on 13.06.2018, 18:22