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BTC $3.918,79 5.12% ETH $147,30 7.38% EOS $3,61 23.65% XLM $0,08380 3.75% NEO $8,88 5.87% WAVES $2,81 6.32%

The Digital Stadium is the next generation OTT platform powered by a token economy that allows sports fans to deeply connect with their clubs and sponsors they follow and be rewarded for the engagement through the SportsFix token.

SFT is a utility token designed to connect fans, clubs, and sponsors in mutual beneficial relationships centered around the enjoyment of live game content in the Digital Stadium and greater SportsFix ecosystem.

Total Supply:800.000.000
ICO Price:0.10 USD
× Sportsfix Airdrop is closed for now!
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Value $29,00 Token 290 SFT Referral 30 SFT Payout 2019-02-28 Proof 75%


Sportfix is airdropping up to 290 SFT tokens. For each task you'll receive PTS tokens. 

Complete these steps:

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Register at their Airdrop Website
  2. Join their Telegram Group (2000 PTS)
  3. Follow their Twitter Channel (3000 PTS)
  4. Like their Facebook Channel (3000 - coming soon)
  5. Subscribe to their Youtube Cannel and like their Youtube Video (3000 PTS - coming soon)
  6. Follow their Medium Channel and clap for their featured article  (3000 PTS - coming soon)
  7. KYC is only mendatory if you want to purchase tokens and to get max. amount of possible earning points (10000 PTS)
  8. Join AirdropBob's Telegram Group (optional)
  9. Follow AirdropBob's Twitter Channel and retweet the following Tweet (optional)

PTS - SFT conversion rate:

  • 1-15k PTS = 100:1
  • 16-30k PTS = 80:1
  • 31-40k PTS = 50:1