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Shipit Round 3 (SHPT) Airdrop

Mobile Application that connects senders and travelers from all over the world to provide a cost-efficient, fast and reliable solution for shipping parcels. Besides, it is an excellent way to make additional earnings during the trip. Shipit will help establish new supply chains, make complex processes simple and will increase efficiency of baggage space usage.



Total Supply:500.000.000
Created on 12.06.2018, 10:48


Proof 100% REAL! Token 30 Referral 5 SHPT Payout 2018-11-30

Round 3 of the Shipit Airdrop has started. Shipit is airdropping 30 SHPT tokens.

Follow these easy steps to receive your tokens:

  1. Start Telegram Bot
  2. Join Telegram Group
  3. Follow Twitter Channel
  4. Retweet Twitter post
  5. Like Facebook Page
  6. Submit details
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