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PURE DIAMOND FARM is the project and service to be issued through PURE DIAMOND COIN. 

PURE DIAMOND FARM succeeded in producing a Lab-grown Diamond that exhibits the same chemical, physical and optical properties as those of a naturally mined diamond. Although research on Lab-grown Diamond has not been conducted yet on a commercial basis, the research was carried out by the University of Tsukuba,Tsukuba Science Expo Memorial Foundation, and Sumitomo Electric, etc. 

Total Supply:2.500.000
Price per Token:$0.21
Created on 24.08.2018, 22:25

ACTIVE EASY 3 days left
Telegram Task Twitter Task Facebook Task Mail Task Youtube Task

Proof 75% Value ~21 $ Token 100 PDC Payout 2018-11-30

Pure Diamond is airdropping 100 PDC tokens.

Complete these tasks:

  1. Open their Airdrop Site
  2. Join their Telegram Group and Telegram News Group
  3. Like their Facebook Channel and like >3 posts
  4. Follow their Twitter Channel; Like and retweet >4 tweets
  5. Subscribe to their Youtube Channel and like >2 videos
  6. Enter your details
  7. Join AirdropBob Telegram Group (optional)
  8. Follow AirdropBob Twitter Channel (optional)
  9. Like and Retweet the following Tweet (optional)

All round 1 participants can't participate in round 2.

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