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The foreign exchange (Forex) market is a global decentralised market for the trading of currencies and determines the foreign exchange rate.
It includes all aspects of buying selling and exchanging currencies at current or determined prices.Through this market, different currencies
are continuously exchanged by millions of people. Unlike the stock market, there is no central marketplace for foreign exchange. Instead,
currency trading is taking place electronically over the counter, which means all transactions occur via computer networks between traders around
the world rather than through one centralized exchange. The need for adaptable currency is what makes Forex the largest and most liquid
financial market in the world. It outperforms all other markets with a trading rate of 5.4 trillion dollars a day, compared to the crypto market
at 4.8 billion.

Total Supply:500.000.000
Price per Token:$1.6
Website of FXPay Round 2 Whitepaper of FXPay Round 2 Twitter of FXPay Round 2  Facebook of FXPay Round 2 Telegram of FXPay Round 2 Medium of FXPay Round 2 Github of FXPay Round 2 Reddit of FXPay Round 2 Youtube of FXPay Round 2 Discord of FXPay Round 2
Created on 03.07.2018, 11:23

Telegram Task Twitter Task Facebook Task Youtube Task Refister on their Website

Proof 100% REAL! Value ~40 $ Token 25 FXP Referral 5 FXP Payout 2018-11-20

FXPay is airdropping 25 FXP tokens. (only for new participants)

Complete these simple tasks:
1. Open Bot
2. Enter ETH Address
3. Join Official Telegram Group and News Telegram Group
4. Follow Twitter Channel and retweet recent message'
5. Like and share Facebook page
6. Watch this Video and subscribe to their Youtube Channel



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