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EthX will be a global cryptocurrency exchange.

They have a convenient way of buying crypto via debit or credit cards.

Token Type:ERC20

Total Supply:100.000.000
Circulating Supply:Not available

Price per Token:0.0005 ETH
Website of ETHX Whitepaper of ETHX Twitter of ETHX  Facebook of ETHX Telegram of ETHX
Active Active
Mail Task

ETHX is airdropping 10 ETHX tokens to participants for solving these tasks:

  1. Create Email/Exchange Account


Airdrop Information
StarStarStarStar emptyStar empty
Is the Airdrop real?75%
User capped?No
Value in $~3 $
Amount of Token10 ETHX
Referral System10 ETHX
Distribution DateNot available
Created on 07.07.2018, 23:09