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Epiphany (EPN) Airdrop

Epiphany will be constructed on Ecosystem
EPN holders enjoy the rights to
- Participate, vote and contribute in EPIPHANY’s ecosystem
- Preemptive right on promising projects in EPIPHANY’s ecosystem on the secondary market
- Discounted rates to trade in EPIPHANY’s ecosystem
Total Supply:500.000.000
Created on 20.05.2018, 09:15


Proof 100% REAL! Token 25 Referral 10 EPN Payout 2018-08-30

Epiphany is providing a nice and fast airdrop.

  1. Register here
  2. Verify your EMail address
  3. Verify your Phone 
  4. Login and provide your NEO wallet address

You´ll get rewarded with 25 EPN tokens. (Daily sign in will also be rewarded with free tokens)

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