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Token Type:ERC20

Total Supply:100.000.000
Circulating Supply:Not available

Price per Token:$0,01
Website of Efir Whitepaper of Efir Bitcointalk Announcment of Efir Twitter of Efir  Facebook of Efir Telegram of Efir Medium of Efir
Active Active
Telegram Task Twitter Task Facebook Task Mail Task Youtube Task Instagram Task Medium Task Bitcointalk Task

Join the Efir Bounty program with 3000000 QZ tokens.
Register and solve easy tasks to increase your entries.

  1. Visit Efir page and "Participate in Bounty"
  2. Submit your details (20 entries)
  3. Complete easy tasks (Like Facebook, Follow Twitter, Follow Medium, ...)

Referrals will also be rewarded with 40 entries.

Airdrop Information
StarStarStarStar emptyStar empty
Is the Airdrop real?100% REAL!
User capped?No
Total Bounty Value: Not available
Total Bounty Token Pool: 3.000.000 QZ
Referral System
Distribution DateNot available
Created on 12.06.2018, 19:45