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DSTRA is a cryptocurrency that aims to become one of the premier currencies in the crypto world through a community-inspired project.
DSTRA will be distributed primarily by airdrops and will incorporate a “Proof of Community” (PoC) concept in the distribution process.
STAKING will commence immediately and Masternode implementation is planned within 3 months after the LAUNCH of the AIRDROP.

Token Type:OTHER

Total Supply:40.000.000
Circulating Supply:Not available

Price per Token:Not available
Website of DSTRA Bitcointalk Announcment of DSTRA Twitter of DSTRA  Facebook of DSTRA Telegram of DSTRA Reddit of DSTRA Youtube of DSTRA Discord of DSTRA Instagram of DSTRA
Closed Closed
Twitter Task Facebook Task Bitcointalk Task Refister on their Website Discord Task

DSTRA is airdropping 75% of their tokens. 
There will be several rounds, where you have the possibility to participate actively in their forum, bitcointalk, social media or discord channel.
This is a bounty where more effort is needed and which will take place over a longer period. 
We like their project and we think that good rewards are possible.

How to join this Airdrop?

  1. Download their Wallet and generate your DSTRA Address
  2. Join their Discord and provide the necessary data in their #botcommands channel
    1.  ?i-agree - Within this your account will get activated and you agree to the Airdrop Rules
    2. After that you have to provide the adress of your wallet (-wallet), your e-mail adress (-email) and your bitcointalk profile (-bct)
  3. Register in their Forum:
    1. You have to write your public wallet adress into your profile

So now the Basic Steps are done, their are now the following 5 different ways to earn their tokens

  1. Forum
    Be active in their forum and earn stakes. You have to follow their rules.
    Spam for stakes will get you banned!

  2. Discord
    Join their Discord Channel and earn stakes based on your activity.
    Ranking will be based on XP.

  3. Bitcointalk Signature Campaign 
    You need to wear their signature during whole airdrop period to be eligible.
    Dstra Wallet should be in your profile for example in the website field.
    Here you can find the necessary signature codes:

  4. Social Media 
    Gleam Plattform:

  5. Holder Bonus
    To receive the holder reward, you need to keep at least 60% of the previous arrived airdropped tokens on the same adress.

Please use the same mail adress and DSTRA Wallet on all your accounts (except of bitcointalk).
Airdrop Rules:

Airdrop Information
Is the Airdrop real?100% REAL!
User capped?No
Total Bounty Value: Not available
Total Bounty Token Pool: 18.000.000 DST
Referral System
Distribution DateNot available
Created on 13.06.2018, 00:17