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Coinsuper (AMR) Bounty

Coinsuper is a world leading digital asset exchange. We are a global elite team with extensive experience in financial advisory, compliance, wealth management, and most importantly, cryptocurrency and financial technology. Apart from having a very strong team, Coinsuper adopts methods such as SSL technology, multi-signature cryptocurrency wallets and offline capital management to ensure the highest level of security and stability of the platform. We also adopt google authenticator in customer login and fiat/BTC withdrawal. All these are to ensure that our customers' assets are well-protected.  

Total Supply:?
Created on 07.07.2018, 15:58

Proof 100% REAL! Token 2160000 AMR


Coinsuper is doing a bounty programm which will last for 3 months.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Register on Candybox Website
  2. Verify your Mail Adress
  3. Link your Telegram Account - search @lotsofcandy_bot and send /start. Now choose AMR Assignment.
    Follow the steps. Once you bound your Telegram Account succesfully, the bot will send you a notification.

Your possible Tasks are now: Add members to their telegram channel; Get a thumb up for participation in their telegram Channel; 
Other tasks will follow!

After you have succesfully connected your accounts, you can do different tasks and earn points.
Note: Please make sure you have clicked the refresh button after you have done an assignment to claim your points!

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