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The CYBR Ecosystem is a holistic, cyber security solution for the blockchain which ensures secure smart transactions occur via a portal designed to provide real-time safeguards, countermeasures and threat intelligence to the CYBR community as well as other crypto entities and exchanges who rely on our cyber security solutions.

Total Supply:
Price per Token:$0,08
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Created on 13.09.2018, 15:06

ACTIVE EASY 23 days left
Telegram Task Twitter Task Mail Task

Proof 75% Value ~5 $ Token 70 CYBR Referral 50 CYBR Payout 2018-11-20

CYBR is airdropping up to 70 CYBR tokens to participants for solving these tasks:
(not neccessary to solve all tasks)

Complete these steps:

  1. Open CYBR page and click "Airdrop"
  2. Submit your EMail address and verify
  3. Join Telegram group (+20)
  4. Follow on Twitter (+20)
  5. Retweet mentioned tweet (+10)
  6. Add "Cybertoken" to your Telegram Username (+20)
  7. Submit your ETH address
  8. Join AirdropBob's Telegram Group (optional)
  9. Follow AirdropBob's Twitter Channel and retweet the following Tweet (optional)

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