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Bitdepositary the world’s first ICO Platform based on Salesforce and Blockchain set to Revolutionize ICO Marketplace Using a Specialist Vetting and User Voting System.

The Bitdepositary mission is to eliminate scam ICOs and guide less experienced investors to make the right ICO Investment decisions. Its Salesforce integrated Blockchain platform allows users to vote for projects they believe in.

Token Type:ERC20

Total Supply:
Circulating Supply:Not available

Price per Token:$0.10
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Active Active
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Bitdepositary is airdropping 500 BDT tokens.

Complete these tasks:

  1. Sign up an account on their Website
  2. Select "Open Sale"
  3. Verify E-Mail
  4. Join all their Telegram Groups (Englisch, Russian, German, Media)
  5. Like their Facebook Channel and share this post. Use hashtags #STOPSCAMS #BITDEPOSITARY #ICO
  6. Follow their Twitter Channel and share this post. Use hashtags #STOPSCAMS #BITDEPOSITARY #ICO
  7. Open the Airdrop Form
  8. Enter your BDT user ID (you'll find this info in your account)
  9. Join AirdropBob Telegram Group (optional)
  10. Join AirdropBob Twitter Channel (optional)
Airdrop Information
StarStarStarStarStar empty
Is the Airdrop real?75%
User capped?No
Value in $~50 $
Amount of Token500 BDT
Referral System15 BDT
Distribution Date2018-11-14
Created on 08.08.2018, 15:48