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BasisNeuro (BNST) Airdrop

The goal of BasisNeuro platform is to make neuro technologies available to any business and industries and to provide the mass market with neuro products and services.
Total Supply:
Price per Token:0.02
Created on 11.06.2018, 18:39


Proof 100% REAL! Token 0 Payout 2018-11-15

BasisNeuro is going to distribute BNST tokens (1 stakes for all tasks) to each participant for joining the BasisNeuro telegram channel channel and follow these steps:

  1. Join Telegram group
  2. Follow on Twitter and retweet last post
  3. Like on Facebook and share last post
  4. Fill out this form
  5. Proof of authentication post in this Bitcointalk thread
#Proof of authentication #Proof of participation:
- Joined Telegram - Yes/No
- Did you Like and Follow our Facebook page and share our last post on? YES/NO
- Did you follow us on twitter and retweet our last post? YES/NO
- Did you post message in our ANN thread? YES/NO
- Are you going to participate in our bounty campaign? YES/NO/Not sure
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