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Air Ballerz Airdrop

  • Paid out
  • Payout 2022-10-10

Air Ballerz is a gamer-centric, free-to-play Web3 game universe. Dive into the Ballerverse, a virtual world where players connect, explore, and compete in jetpack-powered games!
Enter the game for free and start competing! Collect and trade rare Skins NFTs to increase your earning potential, gain exclusive access to lands, and look fly.
Build your galactic headquarters to team up with other Ballerz and unlock bigger prize pools. Join forces as you play and earn together in a world where fun meets crypto.

Air Ballerz is airdropping 100.000 BALLER tokens to participants for completing listed tasks.
During the contest, everyone can win a share (%) of the pool.

Additional rewards:
When the contest ends, 7 randomly selected participants will each win a Rare Baller Skin NFT.
$1.500 in USDT is reserved for the top 5 participants with the highest amount of entries!

100.000 BALLERToken
- Referral

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