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BTC $8.651,71 1.12% ETH $186,88 1.76% EOS $3,45 2.24% NEO $12,19 -2.23%
The AIDUS Global D-Fund Platform is a decentralized fund market established upon the ETHEREUM network to serve as a professional asset management platform in which global investors and asset management companies are able to use Blockchain technologies and SMART Contracts to safely and transparently create and settle into P2P (Peer-to-Peer) fund agreements. Various information regarding the settled fund agreements shall be registered in the Blockchain network and shall continuously be updated through the Oracles* Agent.
Total Supply:
ICO Price:0.06 USD
× AIDUS has been distributed.
This airdrop has been distributed. If you face any issues, please get in contact with the project team.

Value $6,00 Token 100 AID Payout 2019-02-15 Proof 75%

PAYED EASY Limited to 10.000 User

AIDUS airdrops 100 AID tokens (~$6,00) to their airdrop participants for the following simple tasks.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Visit AIDUS's Airdrop Page
  2. Submit your details in the airdrop form.
  3. After submitting your details, make a screenshot and upload it to this Facebook airdrop event page
  4. Join AirdropBob's Telegram Group & Twitter Channel (optional)
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    17 Nov, 2019, 19:26

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