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BTC $7.457,70 2.82% ETH $149,49 1.9% EOS $2,70 1.85% NEO $8,81 0.91%
We're helping fulfil crowdfunding's promise of being a democratic, accessible way for small businesses to get funding. Current platforms are equity-backed, so they focus on projects that give them the best return - with high barriers to entry and often policies that all but shut out developing countries. We want to crowdfund crowdfunding.
Total Supply:90.000.000
ICO Price:1.4 USD
× Acorn has been distributed.
This airdrop has been distributed. If you face any issues, please get in contact with the project team.

Value $70,00 Token 50 OAK Payout 2018-12-23 Proof 100% REAL!

PAYED EASY Limited to 5.000 User

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Distribution will be after ICO.


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    05 Dec, 2019, 23:32

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